Topic: Mailing list emails sent to spam


I'm a developer with the Battle for Wesnoth project. We recently moved most of our email setup (redirects, mailing lists) here to TuxFamily, however an issue we're running into is that emails sent on from the mailing lists are getting marked as spam, although emails sent on by the redirects are fine.

For myself I'm getting this warning, and another developer reported "my ISP added an X-Barracuda-Spam-Report header pointing out that the From: address didn't include a real name".

Is there a way for the mailing list emails to not end up marked as spam?

Re: Mailing list emails sent to spam

For what I received if it helps, the result seems to be that SPF passes, but DKIM and DMARC failed:

Authentication-Results: (dis=spam; info=dmarc domain policy);

    dmarc=fail (dis=spam p=quarantine; aspf=r; adkim=s; pSrc=dns);

    dkim=fail reason="signature does not match" header.s=s1 header.b=FdQrhnOF

I can also provide the full header information if that would be useful.