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Topic: Error Logs

Dear all,

I am having some issues with some files reporting a 500 Internal Server Error. I went and checked in the /logs folder, but all I see are access logs, rather than the normal access.log and error.log files. I was wondering how I could get access to the error logs for my project?


Re: Error Logs


Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, TuxFamily does not provide error logs. Our team is available over IRC and email (modo at staff.tuxfamily.org) to provide you with the relevant excerpts of error logs so that you may solve your technical issue.
If by chance this is about http://wiki.xmoto.tuxfamily.org/index.p … Main_Page, then you should simply quit using PHP short tags :)

Re: Error Logs

Thanks for the response! It was actually an error with the forums error 500ing. Thankfully I was able to add a few lines of php to have it display the errors out and was able to fix the issue. Next time I'll contact support for the error logs, though!