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Topic: Thank You!

... I really should have written this long ago:

Thank You to everyone on TuxFamily!

Some background: the project I am working on has moved around a lot,
from sourceforge to github and finally Savannah. What drove me to
Savannah was that (unlike the others) it felt like it genuinely valued
software freedom. The only problem with savannah has been the lack of a
forum, something which has always been important for the project: it was
originally created from forum discussions and got its main driving
force+motivation from the community. The project had a website and forum
hosted on sourceforge, by another person. He eventually disappeared and
it went down. After a while the project got a new forum (and a real
domain name) co-hosted on a server by a friend (who also originally
introduced me to git, and ported the code to c++), but the server only
lasted for about a year.

Then I finally discovered TuxFamily, and realized this was the hosting I
had been searching for the whole time... :)

In short: the project is still partially hosted on Savannah (most
notably the git repo), but for more than a year now the site and forum
has been hosted on TuxFamily, and it has been the best experience in all
years it has existed. There may be more things changing in the future
(possibly even a namechange for the project), but I know that as long as
TuxFamily exists I will always have a place to call "home."


Re: Thank You!

Thanks for your kind message... Sometimes we need a little motivation!:)