Topic: A bunch of new releases

So... I made a bunch of new releases :]

GCMM+ rev03:
(a Wii homebrew to save/restore GameCube savegames on SD-Card)

HomebrewFilter rev37:
(a drop-in replacement for HBC - allows to load Wii/GC Homebrew from SD, DVD or USB)

librep 0.92.2:
(a lightweight and fast lisp-dialect) … 2_released

rep-gtk 0.90.8:
(a gtk+ binding to librep) … 8_released

sawfish-pager 0.90.3:
(a pager for the Sawfish window-manager) … 3_released

Sawfish 1.8.92 (RC1)
(the one and only Sawfish window-manager) … 2_released

Have Fun!