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The creator of the madbox project told me about TuxFamily, and I must say, it's great! :)

I was hosting the iso file for FreevoLive on, but that's not a very Linux friendly service :(
Besides that, people couldn't download the iso's because megaupload blocked access to people when the 'download slots' for a country were full.

But that's all over now!  Thanks to you guys!!

Off course I will modify the page with credits to TuxFamily!! :D
I'll try to do that this evening (I'm sneakily typing this at work :P)

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Hehe :) welcome on TuxFamily ;) : votre source d'informations quotidienne

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Well, megaupload with its full flash interface is not very very libre friendly ;)

And you can host the screenshot on TuxFamily too ;-)


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I probably will! :D
But first I want to make a few more screenshots, not only the bootscreen. :)