Topic: TGZ Archive of ML

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask, whether there's a way to get a TGZ archive of a mailing-list archive, just as mailman provides them.

If not, I would like to request it :)


Re: TGZ Archive of ML

Hummm, this is not yet available, this is a good idea though.

It requires something to be able to authenticate mailing list users like mailman and others do.

But we can provide a tarball of the full archive of a mailing list on demand.


Re: TGZ Archive of ML

Well, Mailman provides public archives, so I thought of a feature like that.

Check "Downloadable Version" at:

(Ahh.. and the extra "View by" filters would be nice, too, though not as important as the GZiped archive)


Re: TGZ Archive of ML

Would be nice, if Tuxfamily would get this feature in the future.

Thanks in advance