Topic: FGF players' portal

Good morning

After I left the project called "Java Game Tome", I decided to move forward the creation of my portal of Java open source free of charge easily installable video games called " FGF players ' portal ". It is available both on Facebook and on Internet outside Facebook. However, the web version is not finished, Facebook version is 100 % functional. The purpose of this portal is to bring closer to the players and to the creators of free open source Java video games. They can test games and download their source code, see the screen captures and videos. The site is deliberately very simple, very rudimentary. The GUI is poor but this is progressively going to arrange. As I do not accept  closed source games, I think that I shall have less of audience that other portals but I prefer favoring quality to quantity. Is it useful to show lots of games if  finally the half of them doesn't work under Linux and if some most "casual gamers" cannot install them? I shall fight for free software until the end. The source code of this application will be available soon on after some cleaning and fixing some security problems first.

Do you have an idea for the logo?