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the news at is somewhat alarming.

Is the problem strictly with the RAID controller, or are there other issues with the file server ?
What do you anticipate is the replacement cost for the RAID controller ? or of the File server ?


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The problem is not only the dying RAID controller. In fact, there are three problems :

1- The server is dying, we think that the RAID controller is guilty be we can't be sure until we change it.

It is one of our most expensive server which is dying here and, of course, the most important in our system. We will do our best to keep it alive until the hardware maintenance. A dying server shouldn't be a big problem for us but unfortunately, problem 2 and 3 are here...

2- We need money

As usual, our banking account is really low. TuxFamily's admins already have lent more than 4000 euros (approx 6000 usd) of our personal money to upgrade the servers this summer and we can't give much more (yes, we do have a life and we do need to eat ;) ).
We are preparing a donation campaign, we need 7000 euros, if the donation campaign is successful, everything should be good for one or two other years. If not, well, we will see...

3- We need volunteers to join the team.

We NEED motivated people to join our tiny team. It is really to much time consuming for us and trust me, we are giving our best for TuxFamily...

I will translate start translating ASAP so every one can be aware of the situation and know our real needs. : votre source d'informations quotidienne

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I've started the translation of Donation/FR to English.

I haven't translated the "volunteering" section yet.


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Hi !

Thanks for your work on Donation/En ;)

I have translated the end of the page, in my shitty french style. Feel free to correct me ;) : votre source d'informations quotidienne