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gradator wrote:

For PunBB, you need to switch from http:// to https:// in the $base_url setting of the config.php configuration file.

Parfait! Thank you.

And for the newbies like me, config.php is not part of the PunBB download, it is created during the PunBB install. To fix the unsecure PunBB forum, simply download config.php from the install directory, modify it, and upload it back.


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Thank you very much for the reply and help.
My appologies for getting back so late.

Regarding punbb-1.4.6:

xavier wrote:

As I am writing this message, both https://forum.dslav.tuxfamily.org/ and https://dslav.tuxfamily.org/ are considered secure.

Well the forum at:
is an unsecure forum - the page does not support encryption. Firefox will issue a warning that it is not a secure login.

Going instead to:
redirects you to the same unsecure forum page.

The Tux PunBB forum we're using right now:
is secure and uses a cert from Let's Encrypt.

So, sorry but I fail to see what is secure about it, and still have no idea how to make it a proper forum.


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Attempting to install phpBB-3.3.3.
Requires PHP 7.1.3+ and MySQL 4.1.3.

During installation phpBB complains PHP 7.1.3 or higher is not available.

The Tux FAQ mentions:

In order to execute PHP7 instead of PHP5, edit/add a .htaccess file and add:
   AddType application/x-httpd-php7 .php

If that is the fix, where do I place this .htaccess file? I cannot find an existing one anywhere. And is it simply a file named .htaccess with the single line: "AddType application/x-httpd-php7 .php"  ?

I can use a different BB if needed.

Thanks much,

I abandoned the phpBB-3.3.3 effort.
Installed punbb-1.4.6 instead - much smaller.

Another update:
Cannot get punbb-1.4.6 to work via https.
Loggins are unsecure.

Is there a fix for this?

Any help would be appreciated.



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There's some sort of auto downloading going on over at http://www.khandesktop.tuxfamily.org/.

Stats show a Windows computer making some 2500 hits from a chrome browser?????

Not shure how all that works but it appears strange and a waste of bandwidth. Perhaps its nothing.



Looking at:


you provide a very nice Top Ten Downloads report.

It shows download stats for the .zip and .7z files in the repository, but not the .dat files.

These .dat files are binary files used by my application to update itself (via HTTP GET).

The .dat files do show in the File Type and Pages-URL sections however.

Is there a way to get the .dat files included in the top ten section?

I could change the extension to something other than .dat if needed.

I'm not sure if the awstats.conf file applies here. Perhaps SkipFiles or NotPageList is involved?


Edit: Looks like modifying awstats.conf is the solution. I'll give it a try.

Edit: Changed the NotPageList to:
  NotPageList="css js class gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico swf dat"

but get:
  553 Can't open that file: Permission denied

when uploading. Changed permisions with ftp, but no go. Any suggestions?


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Thanks, it worked!

For those in the same boat, here's what I did:

1) Got a new website: forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org. See http://faq.tuxfamily.org/WebArea/En

2) Got a new mysql datatbase for that website: mySite_forumdb. Note db name and user name are the same. Set a db passsword. See: http://faq.tuxfamily.org/DbMySQL/En

3) Downloaded punBB from http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/downloads

4) Unzipped to a local folder, renamed it punbb from punbb_1.3.6 for no good reason.

5) Ftp'd punbb folder to htdocs folder in forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org

6) Using a browser, went to http://forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org/punbb … nstall.php

7) Filled in form. Note Database type is mysql standard, and server is sql:3306 per http://faq.tuxfamily.org/DbMySQL/En

Results: forum created at:http://forum.khandesktop.tuxfamily.org/punbb/index.php
Logged into forum admin - informed me a new version is available - 1.4.2


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I would like to setup a forum, but am fairly clueless about it.

I found a post here:

And i"ve created a website for it:

From what I have gathered, I need to:
  Install PHP
  Install MySql
  Install punBB

I'm a bit concerned I'm going to wreak havoc.

Any pointers?

Thanks Much,