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gradator wrote:

I updated the page on the FAQ. I used your flyspray installation to fix those issues, so your copy of flyspray should work ;)

Indeed - works!

Thanks! :-)


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I couldn't install Mantis for some reason, so I decided to try FlySpray once more.

I still have two problems:
a. I couldn't find:

//if(substr(php_sapi_name(), 0, 3) == 'cgi' && ! ini_get('cgi.fix_pathinfo')) {
//    die("You are using cgi or fastcgi and you have not set cgi.fix_pathinfo=1 in php.ini.
//         Flyspray cannot work properly without cgi.fix_pathinfo enabled, please update your configuration");

(as written in the wiki)
b. I have updated the lines of function get_tmp_dir() successfuly; I don't know if it made a change. Anyway, my pre-installation checks are still bad: I have this log in my FTP client:
Command:    chmod 2775 cache
Response:    200 Permissions changed on cache
Command:    chmod 2775 attachments
Response:    200 Permissions changed on attachments
but whenever I check the file attributes of these folders, I still see that they are in 765 ...
I also tried "chmod 775 cache", but same problem applies.
On the pre-installation checks I get:
../cache      Un-writeable      
../attachments     Un-writeable     
As before.

The installation didn't work, but maybe even not because of that: because I wasn't sure, I have modified my password again (just in case!)
But still I keep getting:

# Connect failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
# Usually the database host name is "localhost". In some occassions, it maybe an internal ip-address or another host name to your webserver.
# Double check with your hosting provider or System Administrator.

Thanks ahead! :-)



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Now it's in English, too... ;-)


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Thanks! :-)

Ok, thanks!

Thanks for the fast reply!

One little question:
Can I set a release version (for demo intentions and not for testing intentions) in the web space?

Thanks again,


As you recommended, I have tried to install FlySpray. I have already requested a new DB, but have also seen that there are problems in the pre-installation checks, as the following:

Directory and File Permissions:
../cache      Un-writeable      
../attachments     Un-writeable     

What can I do about that?

And - off topic - Do we have PHP 5 or PHP 4? ..and can we change it?




I'm a SVN newbie, and I have a basic question:
Consider the files that I commit to the repository (can be seen, for example, here:
http://svnweb.tuxfamily.org/filedetails … 0&sc=0

Now, assume I want to test this specific file (or the version on the "trunk" as a whole...) without updating my working copy and checking it on my local machine: can I do that?

I have worked with the BeWelcome.org project, and there I could fix a bug, committ, and in a few minutes view the influence in test.bewelcome.org. I think that this is a very important feature, which is essential to collaborative programming.

Is there a way to do that, and I just don't find it?
Is it impossible, and then, why, and what do you recommend me to do as a workaround?

(I have installed a MySQL DB on your server, but it is a bit meaningless if I can't access it through the files in the trunk, isn't it?)

I also thought about copying from time to time the last version from the trunk to the webspace, manually - but that sounds unprofessional and time consuming...

Any suggestions?

Thanks aheas,
(Appreciate your work! --- and would like to contribute to the Wiki, when I'll be able to... :-) )



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Just thanks...