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You offer a very nice service - thanks a lot.

By the way, do you have a proper banner I could integrate into my project which is hosted at tuxfamily?


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Hi :)

You can use those logos as said on the FAQ

Thanks for your kind message, Nice messages like that helps us to continue and to give our best ;)

Cheers ! : votre source d'informations quotidienne

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That's great. It's a pleasure to help you ;)

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I was just having a look at you foum and I  saw this : … sg87#msg87

LeChuck@ wrote:

To tell the truth, sooner or later I'd like to host the forums elsewhere, 'cause here you're not able to make db backups

In fact, we do provide daily SQL dumps (see in your group directory as said here : and as we also provide phpmyadmin and ssh, you can also dump your databases by yourself ;)

Enjoy ;) : votre source d'informations quotidienne

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Hi crafty

That's not referring to the new board, which is already hosted at TF, but the old forums where I couldn't made any backups. When I started the old board it was just an experiment to see if anything happens - well, it does. After the decision to move to TF I spend a whole night with a handmade recreation of all board happenings, database modifications, etc. That was very annoying, but I think it has been worth it to gain better control. Indeed, I'm absolutely happy now :D

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Hi Lazroc :

Okay, I just misunderstood :) you know how it is : french people reading english... So I just wanted to be sure ;) : votre source d'informations quotidienne