Topic: [IMPORTANT] forum rules

Our Objective :

We wish this forum to be a nice convivial space, useful and pleasant.
This forum has a direct impact on tuxfamily's reputation but also on the free software's reputation.
We do not have anything against gentle and kind humour, but in any case vulgarity and insults are allowed.
We don't want to shock the visitors and possible future contributors.
So, thank you for following those simple rules.
Let me remind you that these forums are moderated, and that your questions about moderation must be sent by private message to a moderator.

Post in the good forum

Read the list of all the forums then, post your message in only one forum.

Clear and precise message

When you ask a question, be as precise as possible: which system and/or material do you have, which version, which edition, etc...
If your question is not clear, nobody will be able to help you.

Message Topic

Avoid the "Hello", "Oops", "Yeah", " question", "Small problem", etc…


The insults and slandering towards individuals and companies are punished by the law, including on the forums, and consequently prohibited and removed.

What? is this a too serious paragraph? Well if you are still reading, that means that you can handle it ;)

Use good English

Do not use SMS "language" please...

Before asking a question

Read the FAQ!  done? perfect! read again! you still have a question? Okay write it down. Hey! wait a second! read the FAQ again just in case ?

Why we moderate?

Just to make sure that the forum remains in TuxFamily's ideas.

Enjoy ! ;) : votre source d'informations quotidienne