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Topic: Forum setup

I would like to setup a forum, but am fairly clueless about it.

I found a post here:

And i"ve created a website for it:

From what I have gathered, I need to:
  Install PHP
  Install MySql
  Install punBB

I'm a bit concerned I'm going to wreak havoc.

Any pointers?

Thanks Much,

Re: Forum setup


Do not worry about PHP, it runs on TF servers and you already have a MySQL database. So i think you have just to download punbb latest version http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/downloads (1.3.6) and to install it in your web area: http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/installation (Steps to install PunBB 1.3).


Re: Forum setup

Thanks, it worked!

For those in the same boat, here's what I did:

1) Got a new website: forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org. See http://faq.tuxfamily.org/WebArea/En

2) Got a new mysql datatbase for that website: mySite_forumdb. Note db name and user name are the same. Set a db passsword. See: http://faq.tuxfamily.org/DbMySQL/En

3) Downloaded punBB from http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/downloads

4) Unzipped to a local folder, renamed it punbb from punbb_1.3.6 for no good reason.

5) Ftp'd punbb folder to htdocs folder in forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org

6) Using a browser, went to http://forum.mySite.tuxfamily.org/punbb … nstall.php

7) Filled in form. Note Database type is mysql standard, and server is sql:3306 per http://faq.tuxfamily.org/DbMySQL/En

Results: forum created at:http://forum.khandesktop.tuxfamily.org/punbb/index.php
Logged into forum admin - informed me a new version is available - 1.4.2