Topic: BashStyle-NG 8.00 (5th anniversary version)


=== Introduction ===

BashStyle-NG consists of a graphical tool and a functionchain.

The graphical tool (bashstyle) is used to easily change a huge amount options
regarding Bash, Readline, VIm and Nano. The configurtion is stored using ConfigOBJ.

The functionchain is used to realize the setup when starting a new Bash.
Besides a diversity of additional functions or wrappers is provided.

Another thing shipped is dirinfo (a simple, in-progress directory-indexing
mechanism for the shell), aswell as a first-run-wizard.

12 different prompt-styles are shipped, all of them can be modified using the
GUIs built-in custom-prompt-builder (CPB).

Every option and every function is described in the documentation.

=== Download ===

Changes since 7.12.1:

Overview of changes in v8.00 "We're Getting High With The Rhythm"

--- Important Note #1 ---

This release switched from GConf based configuration to ConfigObj.

    - *much* faster startup from terminal
    - usable from both python (ConfigObj) and Bash (ini-parser)
      [read: all options could be changed from Bash now, too]
    - bs-ng-profiler and rc-generator no longer required

    - you have to fully re-setup BashStyle-NG (both GUI and Wizard)

--- Important Note #2 ---

This release requires GTK+3 / Python-GI

=== Bug fixes ===
* #128 (ui):
    fixed C-P-B (Custom Prompt Builder) showing no longer existent
    themes (and theme-code) from the "Choose Style to modify:" combo-box
* #129 (configure):
    when configured via debian/rules, configure got the prefix wrong
* #130 (profile):
    display-managers like XDM don't source /etc/profile.d/*,
    so let nx-rc self-check, whether our profile was sourced
* #131 (readline/vim/nano):
    don't create an rc for readline, vim or nano, if one is already going
    to be created (fixes annoying issues when opening splitvt or two
    terminals at a time)
* #132 (show_system_load):
    enforce LANG=C when calling uptime, so that it properly works in all cases
* #133 (toolbox/about):
    fix the bug that the toolbox and about-dialog could only
    be properly invoked once per session
* #134 (configure):
    fix detection of gir-repository-path on x86_64 (tested on Fedora 18)
* #135 (functions):
    define all functions as such, to prevent errors on startup if a vendor
    alias has the same name then a BS-NG function (eg: ll on Fedora)
* #136 (make):
    fixed uninstallation of BS-NG
* #137 (debian/control):
    make debian package depend on gir1.2-gtk-3.0

=== Added Features ===
* configure can now check for GIR Repositories
* configure can now check for python sub-modules
* options like aliases can now be reverted to previous user-value
  or reset to factory defaults in the user interface
* -n param for 'randomfile' (exec randomfile N times)
* 'jump' feature (jump between directories, uses dirinfo database)
* 'assign' function
* 'bsng-help' function (auto-generates help messages)

=== Removed Features ===
* bs-ng-profiler (no longer required)
* rcgenerator (no longer required)

=== Misc changes ===
* shifted around some paths
  + DATADIR/rc/bin => PREFIX/bin
  + DATADIR/rc/opt => DATADIR/bin

* simplified debian/rules
* updated debian/docs

* several small fixups and improvements in the docs
  [chapters 00 - 04, 06 - 07]

* majorly improved the profile (/etc/profile.d/

* split all functions into own scripts

* updated all copyright year notices to "2007 - 2013"

* modularized user-interface code
* many automatisms, saving lots of code for user-interface