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Topic: Jas CMS 0.4 Alpha-2 Released!

Dear List Subscribers,
Dear Free Software Lovers & Hackers,
Dear IT-Security workers,

We are pleased to announce the second alpha version of Jas CMS.

What is Jas CMS? What does the Jas CMS 0.4 Alpha-2 contain?
Jas CMS is a free, small website engine written in Java, licensed under GNU GPL 3. It produces static content without the need of any databases or server-side scripting languages.

It is created to fulfil high security concerns. You can use it with any webserver which is capable of serving static files. It is suitable for various kind of content projects like personal websites, project / product pages, group sites, company websites... It is also designed for managing content projects / websites in the i2p network, tor et cetera.

For more information, visit the site www.jascms.org/

New Team Members
Congratulations and welcome to our new team members:
- Peter Mathijssen (Content Authoring, Testing),
- Francisco Ocon (Programming, Testing).

Technical Release Information:

[JASCMS-14] - String.contains
[JASCMS-15] - Edit Content Processing; Last Line
[JASCMS-16] - Block_content.html
[JASCMS-33] - File Seperator Issue on Windows
[JASCMS-34] - General Issues MS...
[JASCMS-35] - Edit Index Page Issue
[JASCMS-36] - PageName != SiteName
[JASCMS-37] - Issue with JTable Sorter
[JASCMS-38] - Character Encoding (UTF-8)
[JASCMS-44] - Variable Handling Bug
[JASCMS-49] - Text Fields of the NewProjectDialog not editable

[JASCMS-17] - Menu Management Improvement
[JASCMS-20] - Date Format in Config
[JASCMS-23] - Manage StickyPages
[JASCMS-24] - Manage Config
[JASCMS-25] - Help Dialog
[JASCMS-26] - General GUI Improvements
[JASCMS-27] - Add date to output
[JASCMS-42] - general screens details
[JASCMS-45] - Authors dialog
[JASCMS-47] - Block list management

New Feature
[JASCMS-5] - Official Website with Jas CMS
[JASCMS-6] - (G)UI - Improvements
[JASCMS-18] - Statusbar
[JASCMS-21] - StickyPages

[JASCMS-19] - Error Handling
[JASCMS-39] - Method for deleting the output
[JASCMS-40] - Add new designs
[JASCMS-46] - Code refactory and good practices

Java JRE  >= version 6

To download the package, just klick here!

Jas CMS Project Team

Jas CMS - ...because the real security is static


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