Topic: Sawfish 1.8.0

Hi there,

we just released Sawfish 1.8.0. The last release developed on so a new era begins: Sawfish @ :)

You can find all infos about the new release here: … 0_released

Status of >> migration:

ML: setup, not yet in use
BT: setup, not yet in use (
GIT: setup, in use for librep, rep-gtk and sawfish-pager. sawfish itself will follow soon. (needed a release before moving GIT)
Wiki: will stay at Wikia.
Homepage: ( under construction (locally)
Releases: hosted at Tuxfamily since 1.6x
Themes: moved from Sourceforge to Tuxfamily, but a wiki-bot to update the links needs to be written.

So... we arrived in the country where the penguins drink Bordeaux all day :)