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You are welcome ;)

This is still very strange anyway but I am not in the mood to really find why this happened ;-)



It would appear that everything is fine now. Thanks a lot for the help!



Humm, this is very stange, I changed your email address by mine and asked for a new password and it worked for both the panel and the forum. Then I set your email back and asked for a new password for your account. Could you tell me if everything goes well now ?



Hi All!

I just subscribed this afternoon and received my login information. I attempted to login to the main site and received an "invalid login" message. I thought I might have a bad password so I got a new one sent to me through the recover password feature. I tried logging in again with no luck.

Apparently, my login information is fine for the forums though since that's what I used to login here.

Thanks in advance for the help! I'm looking forward to getting started in the community!